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“Alter Bridge” Rocked the rainy night in Buenos Aires

Last Friday, November 10, The American rock band from Orlando, Florida “Alter Bridge” took the stage of the Stadium Luna Park!

After their former band Creed became inactive in 2003, Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips formed a new band with former bandmate Brian Marshall and later added vocalist and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy.
On their third visit to Argentina, they presented their seventh studio album Pawns & Kings which was released last year via Napalm Records.
With a stadium full of fans, who arrived at the place despite the heavy rain, excited to see one of the most talented bands on Earth.

The opening song was a Silver Tongue. It is the second single from the band’s latest album Pawns & Kings, the energy went way up with a follow-up song Addicted To Pain from the band’s 2013 album Fortress, with the audience shouting and singing. We had the pleasure to see Mark Tremonti deliver a devastating rendition of “Burn In Down,”.

The sweet moment of the night was when the adorable Myles, took his accoustic guitar to perform playing “Wonderful Life” and “Watch Over You”
My favorite moment of the night came!! with the gorgeous song “BlckBird”.
The band had a little problem with the guitar, but with unmatched professionalism, they kept the fans active, while it was resolved it!
Myles’ voice soared and hit notes inaccessible, Mark Tremonti on guitars made us all vibrate and the drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall are one of the best rhythm sections in hard rock.
Compositions ranged from tender, acoustic ballads to fiery, smashing hard rock with equal effectiveness. Throughout their more than two-hour set, Alter Bridge was inspiring, powerful, and unbeatable!

Silver Tongue, Addicted to Pain, Ghost of Days Gone By, Sin After Sin, Before Tomorrow Comes, Broken Wings, Burn It Down (Mark Tremonti on vocals), Cry of Achilles, Wonderful Life (Acoustic. Myles only, crowd request. Not on printed setlist.), Watch Over You (Acoustic. Myles only), In Loving Memory (Myles on vocals and Tremonti on acoustic guitar), Blackbird (with “Blackbird” by The Beatles intro on guitar), Come to Life, Fable of the Silent Son, Isolation, Metalingus (Band introduction. Extended intro while Tremonti changes guitar due to an issue)
Encore: Open Your Eyes, Rise Today

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Produced by Ake Music Productions

Publicist Vicky Roa

Special thanks Nillo Barona

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