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“Nothing More” Feb 15 2024 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

It’s gone 9.30pm on a chilly, wet Thursday night in West London. A sold out packed crowd at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire wait patiently whilst still recovering from a blistering performance by support act SIM. A band who is really making some noise right now (watch this space).

Having been well warmed up also by the opening band Siamese. Both pack a serious punch and are full of energy in different ways.


The foremost bringing their hard Danish metal tones, tearing around the stage and SIM bringing their own unique alternative metal sound all the way from Japan.

SiM (Silence iz Mine)

Suddenly the lights go down and out comes explosive frontman Jonny Hawkins who almost immediately launches himself through the photo pit into the front row of the crowd ripping out ‘Let em Burn at the top of his lungs as the bands opener.

Continuing in the same vein the band have been doing on their North America Spirits tour they rattle off the big hitters into the night. ‘Do You Really Want It? follows and start’s probably the biggest mosh pit of the night. ‘Spirits, ‘Tired Of Winning and ‘Face It have the crowd eating out of their hands throughout the night with a sea of crowd surfers at times. There is of course amongst the hits some well placed new stuff on the set list too. The band wrap things up in style with their this is not an encore, encore ‘This Is the Time that blows the roof off this iconic London venue. What a night and what a great way to spend a Thursday evening in the big smoke.


Let ’em Burn, Do You Really Want It?, Don’t Stop, If It Doesn’t Hurt, Interlude ((Alone; Together)), Go to War, Jenny (Jonny Clap Autustically), Angel Song (Unreleased), If I Were, Tired of Winning, FACE IT, I’ll Be OK, SPIRITS, Fadein/Fadeout, Ocean Floor, This Is the Time (Ballast)

Photos and Review by Stuart Garneys

Special thanks Valeria Laghezza
PR Account Manager UK & Europe

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