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Last June 18th the Teatrito was the host of a progressive rock night with Evergrey!

Opening the evening is the local band Karkaman, With more than 20 years doing hard rock, they have given us a sample of their talent, with powerful and clean sounds, with a great setlist, ending with some covers which left us high! A very good band to see live!

The expected moment of the night arrived, Evergrey for the first time in Argentina, took the stage, starting the concert with “Falling From the Sun” a song from their recently released album (Theories Of Emptiness), the audience vibrated from the beginning, continuing with one of my favorite songs from the band “Say”.
Something important to highlight is the perfection in the sound, from the first to the last song, the sound was formidable, and the band’s musical dynamic extends deep into our hearts. Going from beautiful soulful harmonies to deep, heavy riffs. Each member of the band overflowed with such beautiful and contagious energy, with their fans singing each song with fervor!
It was a beautiful warm night, starting winter in Buenos Aires, we are sure that it was their first show in Argentina, but more will come, of course, we are waiting to see them live again soon.

Falling From the Sun, Say, Midwinter Calls, Distance, Weightless, Where August Mourn, A Silent Arc, Call Out the Dark, Eternal Nocturnal, A Touch of Blessing, King of Errors, A Theory of Emptiness, Misfortune, Save Us

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Ale Reggiani
Produced by Icarus Music
Press Marcela Scorca

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