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“Abbath” rocked the night of Buenos Aires

Last Tuesday, November 14 Abbath returned to Argentina, at the “El Teatrito”  with a very good performance of after the failed show in 2019, showing us how he has recovered.

Opening the night 3 Argentinian Rock band, The first band EXTERMINIO, the Death metal band formed in 1989, gave us a good touch to rock, starting the evening!

The second time I saw it in concert with CLIMATIC TERRA, really they sounded amazing, with the powerful voice of the vocalist Silvina Harris. And finally before Abbath, NUCLEAR SATHAN, with a very crazy and interesting performance.

Finally, the expected moment of the night arrived, with the audience a little worried and expectant, Abbath took the stage, with the outfit and makeup that characterizes them, starting with “Acid Haze”, from their current album “Dread Reaver”, with a very clean sound, and his powerful and intact voice.

The fans look so happy seeing their idol, in perfect health, and showing us all his passion and love for the rock!

Going through their current and old tracks, including hits like “Winterbane and Warriors.” But what was not to be missed was his performance of Immortal, where he performed songs like “In my Kingdom Cold” and “One by One.” Closing the night with “Endless” from the Album “Abbath” released in 2016!

Abbath is clearly in a better moment, and this is reflected in his live performance.

Acid Haze, Dream Cull, Hecate, Ashes of the Damned, Dread Reaver, Battalions (I cover), In My Kingdom Cold (Immortal cover), Beyond the North Waves (Immortal cover), The Artifex, Harvest Pyre, One by One (Immortal cover), Winterbane, The Rise of Darkness (Immortal cover), Fenrir Hunts, Warriors (I cover), Endless.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Paula Andersen

Produced by Icarus Music

Publicis Marcela Scorca.

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