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Paul Di’Anno returned to Buenos Aires in less than a year since his last show in the city. But now we’re talking seriously, he’s ready to bid farewell to us all for good. Last February 2, Arena Sur was the place where the gig took over, and the producer behind did a very decent job on finding musicians to give Paul the band he deserves. The night began with the band showing their capacity to hit the stage and get the crowd by playing “The Ides of March”, the classic instrumental track. Then Paul joined them on “Wrathchild”, followed by “Sanctuary” and the people just went damn crazy, singing all the lyrics on loud (and even the guitar melodies). “Charlotte the Harlot”, “Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “Remember Tomorrow” were the next songs on the setlist. Paul took their time to give thanks to everyone in the crowd for attend at his last show in the capitol city (it was the first of a few more shows in Argentina, but the only one in the capitol city). The crowd sang their classic argentinian football songs jumping all around, getting our dear Paul a little emotional. Showing why they are considered one of the best crowds in the world by many musicians from all over the globe.

The setlist kept going with “Genghis Khan”, “Killers”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Transylvania”, “Purgatory”; all that amazing songs that introduced a lot of us to the Irons, and made us wanted to be rockstars like them. Timeless tracks, each one of them, played by the great Paul himself. The show came to the end, but not without giving us that incredible closure with “Running Free”, “Prowler” and “Iron Maiden” (the last one played by a child who has recently participated in the reality show ‘Got Talent’ and became known for playing Heavy Metal songs on the TV program).

Paul said goodbye and left us with a bittersweet sensation about having attended to an amazing show, but knowing it would be the last one for many of us.

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Review by Agustín López

Produced by From Hell Fest Argentina

Publicist C+G Prensa Y Comunicacion

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