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Black Veil Brides “Rocked the Buenos Aires Night”

Last Saturday, March 24th, The Teatro Vorterix was host of an incredible and unforgettable night.  After almost 10 years, the American band Black Veil Brides returned to Argentina, with their BLEEDERS TOUR, making vibrated the audience!

Opening the night the Argentinian lady rock Daniela Milagros is a complete artist, with a very beautiful voice, and a powerful energy, surprising us by playing drums, bass, keytar, piano, and everything very well!

 The long-awaited moment has arrived, with the audience full of fans, (some from their beginning, others maybe met Andy in the Paradise City series, or simply like in my case, playing In The End on Guitar Hero), but each one with the same desire and passion to see BVB live!

With the lights off the band took the stage and the audience exploded, starting with “Crimson Skies”.

Going through songs such as “Rebel Love Song”, “Wake Up” and “Nobody’s Hero” showed Andy‘s perfection in his voice is still intact.

Then comes the great “Scarlett Cross” The crowd went crazy, jumping and pushing each other.

With so much emotion and euphoria, some fans fainted, to which Andy quickly paid attention, stopping the show, to ask the audience to take a few steps back so they could continue the show. The almost 10-minute pause showed a concerned Andy who firmly managed the safety and hydration of his fans.

The band shined with their guitar riffs (Jake Pitts and Jinxx), with a hypnotizing bass (Lonny Eagleton) and drums (Christian “CC” Coma) with absolute perfection.

At Encore, we had the pleasure of seeing Jinxx playing the violin, to delighted us even more!

The show had 14 songs that managed to move all the fans who were eagerly awaiting the band’s return, closing the night with their anthem “In the End.” Leaving us all looking forward to seeing them again, very soon.


Crimson Skies, Rebel Love Song, Wake Up, Nobody’s Hero, Devil, Scarlet Cross, Torch, Christian ‘CC’ Coma Drum Solo, The Legacy (interrupted by a fan who fainted), Perfect Weapon, Knives and Pens


Lost It All, Fallen Angels, In the End.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Shawn Brandon (Oficial Black Veil Brides photographer)

Special Thanks to Blasko, (Black Veil Brides Manager)

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