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“EVANESCENCE” 20 years touching our hearts

Last Tuesday, October 17th, at the Movistar Arena, Buenos Aires, Argentina, was an incredible night to remember forever!
This coverage was more special to me when I was a teen I discovered Evanescence in 2003 with Bring Me to Life, and listened to them for hours, I never imagined that after all these years, today I would cover the band as a press, with my own Rock magazine SUNRAY!
After talking a little about my history, I start to talk about the huge concert!!

The band took the stage with an Intro Artifact, The Turn (from Tape), the show started with Broken Pieces Shine from their more current album “The Bitter Truth”!
When “Going Under” started the audience exploded!!!! (Include me). The theater was full of fans pushing each other, Amy saw that and stopped the show, to say please, not push and take three steps back, (the fans did not understand her or did not care what she said, they only wanted to be so close of the band).
When “Call Me When You’re Sober” started the audience went crazy!!!! what a huge song!!!
The sweet moment of the night was coming with Amy on Piano, playing “Lithium” and “Imaginary”, the cell phone lights covered the stadium!

When the band left the stage for a few minutes, we had the pleasure of getting excited with a video, going through 20 years of Evanescence, with the song “Tourniquet”
The band returned to the stage with the a medleys, including “Haunted”, “My Last Breath” “Cloud Nine”, “Everybody´s Fool”, “Weight of the World” and “Whisper”.
Closing the magical night, Amy took the Piano, to play the most beautiful, and unforgettable song “My Immortal” which made us cry remembering our teen years!
When started “Bring Me to Life” we all knew, this was the final of the concert, we did not stop screaming, jumping, and singing with Amy!!!
We want to highlight the intact voice that Lee has shown in this concert, her vocal ranges are awesome and impossible to match!
With the incredible and adorable Tim McCord and the talented Troy McLawhorn on guitars, Will Hunt on drums, making us vibrate with his performance, and the new member of the band Emma Anzai, Evanescence sounds perfect!!
I can say that it was the best show I have covered in 2023, Amy Lee and her band Evanescence never disappoint, Thanks for this unforgettable night, I can’t wait for them to return!

Intro: Artifact/The Turn
Broken Pieces Shine, Made of Stone, Going Under, Take Cover, Lose Control / Part of Me / Never Go Back (as “Triple Threat Medley”), Call Me When You’re Sober, Wasted on You, Lithium, Far From Heaven, Imaginary (preceded by taped montage of… more ), Better Without You, End of the Dream, Haunted / My Last Breath / Cloud Nine / Everybody’s Fool / Weight of the World / Whisper (as “Big Medley”),Use My Voice, Blind Belief, My Immortal, Bring Me to Life.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Frank Hernández, Rocktambulos courtesy.
Special thanks to Jodi Emon from Revelation Management Group.

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