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Eric Jayk from WildStreet

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the pleasure to interview to the lider and vocalist of the rock band WildStreetEric Jayk“.
Hi Eric thanks for this interview

SUNRAY: How long has the band been together?
Eric: The band started in 2006, so 14 years.

SUNRAY: How many albums until now?
Eric: We are on our 3rd album. We took a 3 year break from 2013-2016 and the pandemic delayed the release of our 3rd album

SUNRAY: How was the time of covid for the band?
Groundhog Day haha
2020 all tour canceled. We had a world tour .. USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France and that was only until august, we had started booking the second half of the year when lockdown happened

SUNRAY: Talk us about the livestream during the lockdown
Live streaming was a great tool for us to connect with our fans, but it is not a concert.
Band members and instruments each play

SUNRAY: Do you have any upcoming projects, new video, new song?
Our single ‘Set It Off’ was released February 15th on Golden Robot Records. It is now in the top ten tracks on the Spotify Editorial List ‘Hard Rock’
A lyric video was released with the single
Our album ‘III’ will be out physical on Vinyl & CD and available on all streaming platforms in June on Golden Robot Records.
Also you can mention about your side work as vocal teacher.
When I’m not on tour I teach singing, guitar, bass and songwriting online to students all over the world. I’ve taught approximately 14,000 lessons in 8 years and have 402 students reviews on

SUNRAY: Tell us where we can find you (social network, websites…)
Wildstreet – (Members Eric Jayk – Vocals, Guitar, Jimmie Marlowe – Guitar, Vocals, Crispy Borell – Guitar, Vocals, Don Berger: Bass, Vocals, Dan Whitelock – Drums, Vocals)
Instagram –
Facebook –
Twitter –
YouTube –
Stream link:

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is so grateful with the great singer Eric Jayk for give us this interview.
Interview and pictures by CRIOS
Editor in Chief Maria Fernanda Capici

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