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Arde La Sangre at Teatro Vorterix. Sat. June 15th

It’s june 15th, ARDE LA SANGRE has a date with us in Teatro Vorterix and we’re all invited.

Flou, the guest band selected by ALS to start warming the stage, make its appearance. Their sound is so heavy and tight that no one can’t help headbanging the whole set.

They come from Paraguay and, in Marcelo Corvalán’s words, they’re the best band in there. With a show full of power, catchy choruses and heavy breakdowns, the stage is ready to ALS to come and give their best, as they always do.

21 pm, we see the lights turning off and the curtains opening with a beautiful stage filled by lights on each side. The band comes out under a blue light that draws their silhouettes and “El Ojo del Huracán” begins the set.

“Espejo Roto”, “El Reino Maldito” and “Acertijos” keep the fire on, as well as people opening circle pits in almost every song. Fans on the front row sings on loud and it’s easy to see how excited they are. And we all are.

“Aguantar”, “Fiebre”, “Todo es Vanidad” and “Modo Perverso”. Just an outstanding proof of how tight a Metal band can sound, and how a performance can be benefited by a good set of lights that match with the rhytm of the songs.

“OBDC” is next and their first guest is invited onstage, she’s Muñeki77a, and her growls and powerful vocals make the entire venue shake.

Marcelo takes the mic and remind us that today marks the 20th anniversary of “Atrapasueños”, a classic Carajo record. I guess the whole crowd knew about it, cause just a second after he said “20th annivers…” everyone started shouting and throwing red ballons (as in the album cover) that they brought.

So now we’re talking business. ALS starts playing a Carajo set and everyone in crowd just lose their minds. If I told about circle pits and fans singing along, forget about it. Now the pits are bigger (and I mean BIGGER), every single person is jumping at every song and they sing louder than the band itself. Just mindblowing.

“Hacerse Cargo”, “Atrapasueños”, “El Error”, “El Llanto Espiritual” with Juli, Marcelo‘s daughter (he says he sang this song to her when she was a child and “Atrapasueños” was just published); “Triste” and “De Hoy No Pasa”. A real fan service set.

Getting back to ALS stuff: the band starts playing “Los Unos y Los Otros” which is having its live debut with their official video playing background, followed by “Hijos del Dolor” and “Rebelión” with Walter from Flou (the previous band) on vocals. Marcelo tells us that 4 years ago, before Covid times, he had a lunch with some friends (short after Carajo splitted up); there were Tery, Walter and Luciano (actual ALS guitar player). Walter told him and Tery that they had to make a new project together, and pointed at Luciano as a potential musician. So Walter has a really important role in ALS‘ history.

The band plays “Fuego del Cielo” and leave the stage for a while. Just to come back with their friend Lucas Aguirre on vocals to play a cover for “Man in The Box” by Alice In Chains. But the cover time don’t stop and they’re calling out more friends onstage: Javier Knario from Plan 4 and Chowy Fernández, the famous local guitar player. With these beastie guys plugged in we get to hear a wild cover for “Cowboys From Hell” by the mighty Pantera. Knario takes a time to remember Gonzalo Espejo (Plan 4 drummer) for today would be his birthday too, and the people start singing “Happy Birthday” and “Gonza is not dead” on loop!

The time is coming for the show to end, but not before they play one more cover, this time with every guest musician of the show singing. “Psychosocial” by Slipknot playing, and the crowd going insane one last time.

Today could easily be one of the most special evenings on Arde La Sangre carreer, and I’m so glad I get to be here in Teatro Vorterix!

Photos By Ale Reggiani

Review by Agustin Lopez

Press Gaby Sisti

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