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The night of Buenos Aires was dressed in the purest Glam Metal

This is how the date of “Gunner” took place on the night of June 8, presenting their latest work “Sinners”, we can say that We travel back in time to the 80s, as we well know. It was the Golden Age of Glam Metal.

To warm up the engines opening the night: Alan Left G-Force, Obscura Obsesión, and Goodbye Carolina.

At 7 pm the doors of the Teatrito (Sarmiento 1752) were already open. To the a few minutes later Alán Left came on stage presenting his solo project. Also, we mentioned he was a guitarist in the already well-known band “El Reloj” and is currently a part of “Chevi Loca”.

His staging came full of Hard Rock, costumes, everything was listen and see harmoniously.

And the majestic moment arrived when Jonny from the Band “Chevi Loca” took the stage and together with Alan gave us a 2-guitar fragment of the song “Black Star” by the wonderful Yngwie Malmsteen.

A few minutes later it was time for “Obscura Obsesión” also to the faithful Hard Rock style to continue with the 80s atmosphere of the night. With a very Glam display, Eddie, the voice of the band, came on stage, wearing a floor-length coat, boots, and a cowboy-style hat. The venue was filling up, and the night passed between riffs and songs.

They also took the opportunity to present their new song “Quemando Asfalto” and to end their presentation they chose “Out of Control”.

Now it was the turn of the “Goodbye Carolina”, With a repertoire whose songs went back and forth between Spanish and English. Proof of this is their latest album “Such a Relief” which they did not hesitate to play. They took the night between calmer and more powerful guitars and passing through some very good drums, accentuated and precise.

As soon as the clock showed 9:35 p.m., it was finally GUNNER who took the stage! With Javier Barilari on vocals, Roxx on Guitar, Gustavo Jaime on Drums, Samuel Carabajal on Bass, and its most recent member Ivo Ikasovic on Keyboard. Faithful to their Glam style and with staging with a costume between leather, glitter, and vibrant colors, they already have us used to giving a show not only with its Glam aesthetic but also with their music.

Officially presenting their album “Sinners”, starting with “Arcade Nights”, “Lonely”, “Rose in Hell”, “Hearts of Fire” and “Iron Heart”. The public had already filled the fence, with cell phones capturing every minute, people chanting the songs, and photographers capturing the staging.

Between song and song, Javier Barilari with his voice, and performance on stage, harangued the audience, making a round trip worthy of an excellent Glam Metal night. Accompanied by a long covered wardrobe dark blue and black bodycon pants with Glitter, worthy of a frontman.

Half of the evening passed at the Teatrito and after the song “Saint Or Sinner” it was Roxx’s turn with an accurate and precise guitar solo, with that incredible hair and his magnificent Guitar. What should be noted is a designer guitar that Roxx owns, manufactured in the USA by “Sola Custom Guitars.” Also accompanied by Samuel and his striking Bass full of Shine Effect, his staging not only encompasses the technically musical but also the statically impeccable of him and his clothes.

Then in the “Bad Guys” song, it is Gustavo’s turn to perform the drum solo, precise as a clock, with accurate power, it made vibrate the public. So entertaining and attentive to his display is that it gave time for the other members of the band to go on stage with a change of costumes.

To culminate the night they closed with “Holding On” and finally “Rockin’ In The City”, a magnificent evening for Argentine Glam and for the audience present who did not stop moving, chanting, and supporting the Gunners. Javier Barilari thanked the production, his label, and the entire audience present.

Photos and Review by Ivy Llad

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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