A new edition of “Tocadak Festival” is coming!

On this occasion, it will feature the presentation of the iconic punk band 2 Minutos. Loquero, Todos Tus Muertos, Los Brujos, Lucho Al Attaque, Angry Zeta, Aires Bastardos plus 1 surprise band will also be part of this prestigious lineup.
The appointment is on Sunday, December 17, at 2:00 p.m. at “C Complejo Art Media”, Av. Corrientes 6271, C.A.B.A. It will be a celebration of Music and Art for the whole family.
The objective of the event is to create an experience that mixes music, plastic arts, and various recreational activities. Where, through multiple attractions, the participation of a family audience is encouraged, inviting adults and children to share and enjoy a day where music is the main reason for celebration.

Last Tuesday, October 24, the press conference to release the third edition of the Tocadak Festival was held. It was attended by Quique Ilid, drummer of Los Brujos, and the guitarists Pablo and Alejandro 2 Minutos. “Indio,” told the media present about their expectations regarding their participation in the third edition of the festival and gave an introduction of what is coming for their respective bands. Both bands stated that their participation in the festival will be experienced as a real party, both on and off stage.
I asked the guys from 2 Minutos about their international tour coming next March in Europe, they are so excited and prepared with all passion for it, also talked to us about their careers with more than 35 years old!
You can’t lose it, get your tickets
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