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A Thrash Metal Night with Vio-Lence and Exhorder

Into the Arena Sur, (Pompeya, Buenos Aires, Argentina) We find a postcard to be expected, a place that was not going to fill its capacity because it was a recital “A Party” for the most faithful lovers of thrash metal, those whose fanaticism leads them to delve beyond renowned bands, and they arrive at these must-explore gems.

Exhorder and Vio-lence came to Argentina to prove to us why they are considered by many to be the bands that most represent the qualities of a style based on speed, heaviness, dizzying, and aggressive, although this has not been enough to achieve the fame of other colleagues.

The Exhorder was luxury! Although the sound at times did not help and became somewhat confusing Kyle Thomas and their boys gave us songs like “Death in vain”, “My Time”, “Exhorder” and the Black Sabbath cover “Into the Void” where the audience accompanied practically in its entirety.

The band played impeccably, compact and heavy as on their albums, distilling that groove facet from which “apparently” Pantera would have been inspired to finish defining their style, as forceful as in “Desecrator”, which made the audience not stop to shake their heads!!

Sasha Horn on drums was awesome! The guy left his heart in every hit without mistakes, plus he also seemed very happy and very attentive to the audience like Kyle, who was very funny and good-natured throughout the concert. The power of his voice is still in very good shape and the energy that we knew in the 90s remains intact over time.

The Vio-lence was magnificent! The band validated its name on stage to transmit it to the audience, where the partying and violent mosh pit never stopped.

Phil Demmel carries in his blood those great and youthful riffs that make his band fundamental to Thrash metal, seeing him play with such ease it is impossible not to be infected with so much energy!

Adrian Aguilar impeccably fulfilled what was composed by Perry Strickland such as “Phobophobia”, “Officer nice”, “Calling in the coroner” or “I profit”, The night had emotional moments such as when Sean Killian, (who plays the role of him live hypnotically in a show where the riffs, the drums and the pogo take everyone’s attention) presented to Phil who is saying goodbye to his teammates to join Kerry king; and when he invited the Exhorder singer to share stage, to play together “California uber alles” by Dead Kennedys to keep the party going with those fragance of punk and hardcore that permeate the essence of Vio-lence.

And so it was that after “World in a World” this historic night came to an end. Two exponents that remain intact in quality, spirit, and validity arrived in Buenos Aires to prove that the soul of thrash metal still wants to continue hitting the masses!!

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Review by Josué Emanuel Ortiz

Produced by From Hell Fest Argentina

Publicist C+G Prensa Y Comunicacion

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