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Ciclonautas At the Teatro Vorterix, Feb 17

Like an old gunslinger who arrives at the town at a steady pace, Ciclonautas bursts onto the stage of the Vorterix, with the riff of “ Abrazado a un misil” the sound playing for them in their favor from the start and the happy acceptance of the audience that was distributed among fans, and people who stayed in the theater because it was rumored that the night would be surprisingly closed by Gilby Clarke.
“Matando al suicida” sensually lifts the gallop always with the immutable hoarse voice of the Argentine “Mai” Medina, who at times interacts with the public that celebrates his songs and at times dances rock and roll with “ Los hermanos” or “Dele al play” that gave its share of heavy Country-style riffs, that comes to us from the stage that with its background images is perfectly complemented by the music.

Ciclonautas made people jump, dance, and also wrap everyone in their tranquility as in “El sol” or “Agua va”, with their musicians as true masters of song and total control of the scene. “Bienvenido los muertos” with the feet and heads marking the rhythm was the end of the show from band formed in Spain, gave their super-oiled sample of a serious and heavy rock that was for many one of the great surprises that Colegiales had that night.

Abrazado a un misil, Matando al suicida, Tristes corazones, Bombo sicario, Agua va, Eterno aprendiz, Kamikaze del nido, Los hermanos, Souvenir, El sol, Dele al play, Qué tal?, Bienvenidos los muertos

Photos by Damian Muñoz
Review by Review by Josué Emanuel Ortiz
Publicist Gaby Sisti

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