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Gilby Clarke Rocked the Saturday Night, Feb 17

A big surprise the Saturday night at the Vorterix theater!! After the presentation of Ciclonautas and Mica that had opened the concert, It was rumored that who would put the strawberry in the dessert would be Gilby Clarke, So… it was! the historic Sleazy rock and Hard rock guitarist who is best known for having been in the ranks of Guns and Roses, on the tour of those Use your illusions and his Les Paul, They come on stage throwing the riffs of “Monkey chow” from that great “its five o’clock in somewhere” by Slash’s Snakepit, and what we saw coming ahead is what we had, a hard rock party where Gilby spread out riffing and soloing, keeping the flame of Rock and roll alive.

More than twenty years have indeed passed since that Pawnshop guitar that would show him to the world as a lead singer as well as a guitarist, and the voice at this point in years is noticing the passage of time. Especially when he has to put himself in the shoes of guys like Eric Dover or Axl Rose, at the same time playing the guitar, this worked a little against him, but wrapped in good vibes, joy, and a lot of interaction with the audience, took the party high, with the support of his bassist E.J Curse who ran from one side to the other.

The sound was luxurious for songs like “It’s so Easy” where people exploded or “Knocking on heavens doors”. Dedicated with many words of emotion to the recently deceased Wayne Kramer of Mc5 (a band in which he was also a member) that sounded so powerful that those hits on Troy Farrell’s snare drum still resonate. “Patience” was another hit of the Guns that the entire theater sang wrapped in emotion and nostalgia. Very celebrated were “Tijuana Jail”, “Dead Flowers”, and “Cure…or kill me”, also played songs such as “The gospel truth” from his solo career.
The former Guns closed the night with two that we all know, even the security guys at the door, “Its Only Rock and roll” by The Stones and “Rock And Roll All nite”, as confirmation of what was experienced at the Vorterix with this beautiful surprise, rock and roll all night.

Monkey Chow (Slash’s Snakepit song), Under the Gun, It’s Good Enough for Rock n’ Roll, The Gospel Truth, It’s So Easy (Guns N’ Roses song), Cure Me… or Kill Me…, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan cover), Rock N Roll Is Getting Louder, Patience (Guns N’ Roses song), Tightwad, Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones cover), Alien, Motorcycle Cowboys (Kill for Thrills song), Tijuana Jail
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (but I Like It) (The Rolling Stones cover), Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS cover)

Photos by Damian Muñoz
Review by Review by Josué Emanuel Ortiz
MTS Agency

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